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My name is Zoe, I live in a small seaside town in Devon, UK and this is where it all began. Back in 2016 when I was  18 years old I began developing my own natural products. As a child I had somewhat of a collection of soaps from all our holidays from various makers  and developed a keen interest in the various colours, smells and the creativity displayed. One thing I had noticed when reading the ingredients was that many brands put lots of synthetics into their products to create their fragrances and colours as well as not exploring many of the amazing ingredients mother earth has to offer. The product I was searching for not only had to be gentle on my sensitive skin, but made with sustainable ingredients that also looked and smelt amazing. An idea was born and I began to contemplate developing my own. I am not willing to compromise on sustainability so minimal packaging is a must and ZERO plastics. And with all the ranges being vegan friendly I looked to be inclusive to all! All this but without compromise on quality along with the vibrant colours and scents I love.

I started by developing just soaps, making the molds out of old soy milk cartons. The first few batches were made after work in my garden shed ready for me to try out at home. Once I was happy with the product I thought it was time for friends and family to try. My boyfriend at the time, now my husband to be, hated the “dry feeling” he would get when using a traditional soap bar. Skeptical at first but willing to give it a go he was shocked at how smooth his hands felt without the tightness/dry feeling of his skin he originally thought “was just normal for a soap bar”. Cutting out all the nasties and focussing on all natural ingredients to put on our bodies was a must going forward.

Many village halls hosted market stalls and late nights in the shed passed by and I was finally ready to quit my job and pursue my passion. We now operate as a small team out of an industrial unit just a couple miles from the house I grew up in and the tiny shed where it all began. I have developed many other products all being 100% plastic free and vegan friendly and of course all natural ingredients. With various ranges now out and many more to come a lot has changed since those nights in the shed and the sunday mornings at the village hall but our drive, creativity and desire to make the best products on the market is something that is very much the same.

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