Environmental and sustainability policy

Environmental and sustainability policy 

At The Natural Spa, it is one of our core values to be a sustainable brand that helps our customers to reduce their plastic usage and have a more eco-friendly lifestyle. Just producing plastic-free products isn’t enough, we work hard to ensure that the process from our workshop to your door is as environmentally friendly as possible. 

Environmental Values:

Helping people to reduce their wastage has always been and will always be at the heart of The Natural Spa, here’s what we are doing to be a more sustainable business:

  • Use recyclable or biodegradable packaging for our products.
  • Where possible our packaging is made from recycled materials
  • Buy locally where possible 
  • Collect used boxes from the local community to ship our products in
  • Source our ingredients from sustainable suppliers 
  • Work with our suppliers to have our ingredients sent in plastic-free packaging where possible
  • Consider the environmental impacts of ingredients when producing a new product
  • Recycle all of our waste where possible, if this is not possible we ensure that it is disposed of responsibly

Animal Welfare Values:

The Natural Spa is a 100% Vegan Company, here’s what we do to protect animals:

  • Never use any animal products or by-products in any of our products
  • Never have and never will test on animals or buy from a supplier who to our knowledge does
  • Support animal charities where we can. The current charity we are working with is Jacobs Ridge Animal Sanctuary
  • We never have any animal products within our workshop so can be sure there will never be traces of animal products found

Our Staff Values:

We work hard to make sure that our team is happy and are always looking for new ways to improve their experience of working with us.

  • We are an equal opportunities employer
  • We pay our employees a fair wage 
  • We offer flexible working hours to help our employees fit their job around their lifestyle.  

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