When is the best time to make the switch to a conditioner bar ?

Today is the best day to make a switch to our conditioner bars, and if not today tomorrow. Here are my top 5 reasons it's time for you to make the switch to our best selling conditioner bars. 

  1. No transition phase.

You should notice results from the first use. Everyone's hair is different so it can take a couple of tries to find out the application method that works for you. However your hair is going to love from the first glide of the product. 

     2. Plastic Free

Not only are our bars plastic free, they promote a low waste lifestyle. Gone will be the days of bottle after bottle enters your recycling. Don’t forget it's important to make one sustainable change at a time to ensure its a habit that's going to stick


Lasting up to 80 washes these bars are going to stick around for a while. It's one of our core values that we provide good quality for money on our products. These bars only required a tiny amount of product to be used to do a great detangling job. On average we have calculated that each bar saves approximately 6 plastic bottles, however we have had feedback that some people have lasted up to 2 years. 


      4.UK made 

All of our products are lovingly handmade in our little workshop in Devon. We source as many of our ingredients as we can from other small local business as well. 


       5.Ethically produced.

We carefully vet each and every one of our ingredients to ensure we are purchasing only ethically sourced materials. Reducing plastic in our supply chain and manufacturing process is also very important to us.

Check out our sustainability policy here to find out more

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