Summer Collection 2021 - Walkthrough

Summer is almost here and its time to release another of our seasonal boxes. 

I have been so excited to share this box with you as we have a change up on how we are doing things. Firstly We have had the most gorgeous photographs taken by a lovely local photographer  . We have also made the new style of box more giftable with a sleeker design and a more suited box. 

This month we are including 6 wonderful items, this includes an all new scent of natural spa soap and a collaboration with an eco savvy small business we have recently discovered. 

1. Herb Garden Soap Bar ** All new product ** 

I have been excited to release this soap for a while. Back in 2019 i created this essential oil blend and have been waiting for the perfect time to release it. Herb is our first soap bar that include  fennel. We have wrapped this up with Mint and other fresh and zesty herbal smells.

2. Lemon Sorbet Mini Soap Bar 
We have a few soaps featured this season. We offer so many fresh and summery scented its so hard to choose what to put in the boxes.
Lemon Sorbet has been a regular for us to restock so i'm sure you are going to love. 
3. Jasmine Blackberry Vanilla Wax Melts by Nakendle 
I love wax melts but find it hard to find them completely plastic free. These from Nakendle come supplied to us completely package free. They also smell amazing. 
In the box you will receive 5 wax melts.
4. Lime Coconut Bath Soak 
Summer is still a great season to take a bath. Don't pile in the hot water. Why not a try a cool bath. After a long hot day i can't think of anything better. Sprinkle in some of these bath salts in to your running water and you have just hit your bodies reset button. 


5. Lavender Mint Bath Bombs - Pack of 3 

My number 1 go to product, these lavender mint bath bombs are a real treat. Fresh but floral the aromatherapy effect these bath bombs have is pretty impressive.


6. Meadow Mini Soap Bar 

This marks this scents 1st birthday. This bar has not been as popular as we had hoped but it really is something special . I promise you will love it. 

Thank you so much for reading all the way to the end.

Do you want to win one of these summer boxes - Click here to enter our giveaway. 

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