Fact or Myth - Will using soap bars dry out my skin ?

Fact or Myth ? 

Will using soap bars dry out my skin ? 

Well, it all depends on the bars you choose …

Not the most helpful start I know, but I will explain what makes a soap bar drying to help you make the best choice for your skin 

Here at Natural Spa HQ we specialise in a type of soap called Cold Process ( sometimes known as cold press ) 

We hand blend our ingredients together to allow a chemical reaction called saponification occur.

This is detailed in our diagram below

The output ( green side ) are the products we end up with. 

Glycerine is a humectant.

Humectants are compounds that pull water to the outer layers of the skin from within the body and also from the air. 

This means the moisture is transferred to where it needs to go -  to nourish your skin after it has been cleansed

At The Natural Spa we love what Glycerine does for our skin so we really feel it benefits to leave this product in our bars.

Some brands may choose to remove this to sell off for uses in other industries.

Therefore we can establish from this that soaps ( like ours ) that are made using traditional methods that leave the glycerine in are naturally moisturising on the skin 

So as far as The Natural Spa goes for our soaps this is a Myth



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