Your top 5 essentials for your valentines pamper night

Valentines isn't just about couples, lets take this year to focus on loving ourselves and taking that well earned pamper night.

We have 5 products that we are sure you are going to love and give you the ultimate self love pamper. 

1. Rose Cardamom Body Scrub

The ultimate body scrub. Packed full of luxurious rose petals and lightly crushed cardamom pods this scrubs will leave you feeling completely refreshed. Packed full of Apricot Oil your skin will receive a vitamin E boost, leaving your skin hydrated and glowing.


2. Lavender Mint Bath Bomb

A total underdog. This bath bomb scents is calming and delicate. A real essential for your pamper night.

3. Patchouli Rose Soap Bar 

Our newest edition to our soapy family. Close your eyes and lather up this bar and you will be transported to a day spa, The rose mixed with the patchouli is a real treat. 

4. Lavender Lime Bath Soak 

Set the water running and sprinkle some of this bath soak in your in to your bath. The ideal product for those you love to feel uplifted by there pamper routine. The lavender essential calms and soothes you whilst lime helps you to feel boosted and recharged when your all finished. Packed full of epsom salts your muscles will love you for choosing this product


5. Rosemary Eucalyptus Bath Bomb

One for the detox lovers. These bath bombs are herbal and heavily scented. Pop one of these into your bath, play some gentle ocean sounds close your eyes and let these beautiful essential oils work there magic.

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