Why Face Wash ?

Have you seen our all-new Face Wash bars yet?

We have released 4 all-new face wash bars. I can’t wait to share with you some details on the process of how we formulated our recipes and why we have called them face wash. 

Formulating new recipes is a task that I pour every ounce of my thought and passion for natural products into. It is also one of my favourite things to do as researching new ingredients and the wonderful things all-natural ingredients can do for our skin is something I have always enjoyed. 

Core Qualities:

What do I want to achieve? What purpose will this product have? Will it fit in with our other ranges? These are all questions I ask my self before starting to create a new product.

Here are a few of the core features that I used to help me select the blend.

Gentle  -  I suffer from very sensitive skin on my face, especially around my nose. Each bar was formulated with this in mind. Choosing essential oils that are gentle on facial skin, using a finely milled pumice stone designed for use on the face and enriching with coconut milk. 

Nourishing - I think there is not much worse than washing your face or skin and feeling that dry and tight feeling caused by some products. It was important to me to pack these bars full of oils that are not only ideal for facial skin, but the oils will be quickly absorbed into the skin. 

Follow Natural Spa values - Every new product or range that we bring into our product family has to follow all of our values

  • Produced Sustainably 
  • Can be package Plastic Free and as minimally as possible
  • A little as possible waste produced in the manufacturing process
  • All ingredients are cruelty-free 
  • Does not require any animal products ( Vegan friendly ) 

Face Wash Vs Cleansing Bar

On the market, you will see many cleansing bars. In short, our bars do a very similar thing and are likely formulated similarly. 

My vision for The Natural Spa is to promote an all-inclusive brand, with everyone feeling comfortable using every product. After weeks and weeks of thought and deliberation, I opted for the name face wash as I feel this aligns the best with those values.

Ready to try ? Here is our sample pack, this contains a little sample of all 4 of our new bars. 


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