Which Shampoo and Conditioner are for my hair type ?


Our most commonly asked question.

Our answer is simple, all bars can be used on all hair types.

We are all about inclusivity so we thought a universal hair care range would fit this perfectly.

Our bars are adaptable and we are sure you can find how to use them perfectly for you hair.

How do I adapt the bar to my hair ? 

Drier hair

For hair that needs that real moisture kick whether it be thicker / afro hair or hair that needs rejuvenating from potential colour damage; we recommend you go light on the shampoo focusing mainly on your scalp. Then go in thick with the conditioner, being sure to glide the bar through each and every section. Leave your conditioner on for a minute and then rinse, you can then reapply lightly to any areas that are prone to dryness as a leave in conditioner. 

Oiler hair

If your hair is prone to getting oiler quickly, go in heavy with the shampoo. Don’t forget to give yourself a relaxing head massage and get the blodd following and provides many health benefits to your hair. Then go in light with the conditioner, apply to your fingertips and glide through the tips of your hair and to any tangle prone areas.

None of these methods suit you ?


Experiment with the amount of product that works best for you hair and you will never look back from bars in no time. 

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  • Can the shampoo bar and conditioner bar be used o coloured hair


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