Looking back at 2020

What a year...

3 words that i have been hearing a lot over the past few weeks. There was a whole of abnormal but its important to focus on the good things. 

My little company achieved a lot in 2020 and i thought this blog post a good chance to look back and reflect before making plans and getting stuck into 2021

All the way back in March we launched our deodorant range. I had struggled with many natural deodorant range and was determined to formulate one perfect for sensitive skin. Our bicarb free formula has been a hit and we couldn't be more proud of our little deodorants.


April was another big Month for us; We moved from our tiny workshop out of a shed into our amazing 2000 sq ft workshop. Thinking back i don't know how we did it in that tiny space. I am so grateful that we were able to move and settle in so well.

May -> August. We brought 2 new amazing team members on and we set work building our Christmas stock pile. We released a few new seasonal boxes and lots of new scents of soaps. 

Xmas season: Wow ... That's all i have to say about that. We shipped out almost 20,000 products between October and December. This was our busy Christmas by far and we are very much looking to get stuck in to restocking all of our lovely products in the coming months. 


Looking forward to 2021, we have so many ideas and products we can't wait to share with you. We will of course be continuing our seasonal boxes. We will as well be ensuring we keep to our super fast delivery times. 


What was your favorite part of 2020? 




  • Muchas gracias. ?Como puedo iniciar sesion?

  • I think one good thing about 2020 was how it made us realise what was important in life and to appreciate the little things – such as beautiful, hand made soaps for all that hand washing and how a nice relaxing bath or shower can ease the worries of the day. Good luck for 2021 Zoe.

    Annemarie Casey-Cuthbert
  • I enjoy the good feeling I get when my Natural Spa products arrive. They work really well and are lovely to use but the best bit is knowing the packaging is minimal or recyclable and that I won’t need more again too soon. The value for money is incredible.

    Christine Ross

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