Getting to know your Natural Spa shampoo bar


Why use a shampoo bar?

Shampoo bars are a great way to reduce your plastic usage and help you on your low waste journey. Each Natural Spa shampoo bar can save up to 4 single-use plastic bottles from being used and can, in turn, save you some pennies also.

From my own personal experience and from your feedback I can say that many people also feel that their hair is significantly healthier and requires a lot less washing; which in turn saves time, water, and you need to use less product. 

What makes Natural Spa shampoo bars special?

We all care about our hair so why would you use a product that doesn't have the best ingredients? We use high quality sustainably sourced ingredients in a perfect blend to create a wonderful, hair-loving bar, perfect for everyone. 

Coconut Milk - We use coconut milk in our bar to help create a smooth and creamy lather, without needing to use dairy products- keeping our bars fully vegan. Coconut milk is also packed full of essential nutrients that promote hair regrowth and health.

Kaolin Clay - If you look at the ingredients of most of our products you are likely to see Kaolin. This is what I call a wonder ingredient as for such a simple product, it seems like there is no end to is qualities. Its special purpose in our shampoo bars is an excellent ability to soothe the scalp and help to be rid of any dandruff you may have.

Fullers Earth - Fuller Earth is a wonderful clay-like substance that helps to improve the condition of your hair.

As well as all of these wonderful ingredients are shampoo bars are packed full of wonderful hair loving oils such as mango butter, shea butter, coconut oil and lots more.

We have 8 wonderful shampoos suitable for all hair types, which one will you choose …


  • Hi Lorna, Please check out this blog post and it should help

    Natural Spa
  • Hello , we have recently purchased your shampoo bars for the first time and have not been able get a lather. Is it better to apply straight to hair or to develop the lather in your hands first ? Thank you

    Lorna Lowdon

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