April Product of the month

New website feature - Product of the month
Each month we will be celebrating what we think is an unappreciated product on our shelves.
It may be one you haven't tried before that might become your new favourite. 
We will of course reward you for trying it and this product will be discounted so even more reason to try it 
Our first product of the month is …..


🌻Eves Garden 🌻

One of Zoe's original 8 products that were launched way back in 2016

This bar has an interesting mix of essential oils and plant powders and here is why we have added them in

Lemongrass essential oil - uplifting and rejuvenating
Lavender Essential Oil - Helps with Nausea, and promotes relaxation.
Pine essential Oil - Helps to clear the mind and energize the body
turmeric - Refreshes skin
Spirulina - Helps to calm skin and reduce swelling

You can buy these bars in bar, rope, or in our mini travel size


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